Testimonial: The introduction of “A12-TMT” significantly improved our test management

Switching to the “A12-TMT” test management system was an important step for our company. After more than a decade of using “Testrail”, which no longer met our requirements for agile enterprise software development, we recognised the need for a modern solution.

The implementation of the new test management system enabled us to optimise our testing processes and integrate new methods such as risk-based testing for test prioritisation. As a result, we can now recognise and deal with potential problems at an earlier stage, which leads to a significant reduction in risks and downtime.

In addition to risk-based testing, “A12-TMT” offers a number of other functions that have improved our test processes. For example, the integration of automated test execution and evaluation enables us to achieve more comprehensive test coverage and significant time savings. The integrated error tracking facilitates communication within the team and supports the efficient resolution of problems.

The user-friendliness of the new system proved to be particularly advantageous. The intuitive user interface and the clear structure of the functions reduced the familiarisation period and increased productivity.

The migration of the 300,000 test cases and 200 user accounts from “Testrail” to “A12-TMT” only caused downtime of a few hours per project. The testers were able to continue working seamlessly with the new system from one day to the next.

Thanks to versioning, we were able to reduce the maintenance effort for follow-up work (including the transfer of change requests from test cases of the test version to test cases of the product version) by 30% compared to the previous year, when Testrail was still being used, despite a significant increase in the number of releases.

Using the “Version Delta” flag, we are now able to immediately create a run that covers the latest changes to the “Application under Test” at any time. The flag also allows us to keep track of the changes made to previous versions.

Searching and filtering test cases according to a technical keyword within a project ensures that relevant test cases are not overlooked during maintenance and implementation. Even new team members have quick access to relevant test cases without prior historical knowledge.

Test cases can also be processed directly via the pinboard for resubmission – without the inconvenience of copying links to third-party systems.

Overall, the implementation of the new test management system has significantly improved our test management. We were not only able to increase our efficiency and reduce risks for the deployment of new software, but also improve the quality of our project results. As a leading software company, we are proud to have found a solution in “A12-TMT” that is perfectly tailored to our needs and will help us to continue to be successful in the future.

Discover the benefits of A12-TMT and optimise your test management in agile environments!

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