Weather forecasting in Software Quality Assurance? A Java User Group Munich lecture by mgm’s unconventional thinkers

JUGM, 7th of December 2015, mgm technology partners, Frankfurter Ring 105a, 80807 Munich, 7 p.m.

How the heck, some people might have asked on seeing JUG Munich’s lecture programme, weather forecasting is related to Software QA? In the Java User Group meeting in December, the two mgm QA specialists Hans-Martin Adorf and Martin Varendorff proofed once again how rewarding intelligently networking, interdisciplinary lateral thinking is. They demonstrated in their interesting presentation on “risk-based testing” (which is also the name of the QA project jointly initiated with Innsbruck university), by using the example of an e-government project, too, how – in the face of limited resources – statistical forecasting methods also used for weather forecasting, can be used very efficiently for finding mistakes with economically highly significant risk associated. Our forecast for the evening was correct: two suns were beaming above the Frankfurter Ring – metaphorically speaking!