Overview of the news of CW 32/2019


Alexa, Is Voice Still the Next Big Thing After Mobile?

Virtual assistants from Amazon, Google and Co. have been on the market for some time now. Nevertheless, the breakthrough of voice commerce is still a long time coming. What are the reasons for this?

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Retail Media: How brands advertise in online shops

Not only platforms like Google and Facebook present themselves as digital advertising space. Online retailers such as Amazon, Zalando and About You are also recording increasing advertising revenues. An article in the online magazine “Location Insider” explains why and how brands should react to this development.

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ShopTechTalks #47: When the Frontend Freaks Come

In which direction is the Shoptech scene moving? Dr. Roman Zenner and Martin Möllmann from the “Shoptechblog” are trying to answer this question together with “Exciting Commerce” blogger Jochen Krisch.

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What chatbots can and can’t do

Chatbots were long regarded as a saviour in customer communication. But what can the applications really do? Stefan Trockel of Mercury.ai gives valuable tips in an interview with “Onlinehändler-News”.

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B2B: Changing end customer behaviour requires a look at players outside the classic value chain

Thanks to their proximity to customers, wholesalers often have a great understanding of their customers. The fact that the resulting security can be deceptive, however, becomes particularly apparent when new business models enter the market. In the ECC blog, Gero Becker gives tips on how B2B dealers can remain vigilant.

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Amazon quietly launches AmazonCommercial, a private label for business customers

With AmazonCommercial, Amazon has launched its first own brand aimed at B2B customers. Initially, products such as toilet paper or paper towels will be sold in large packages under this brand. But will this remain the case?

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#Platforms & Marketplaces

A Plea for Hood, Yatego, Avocadostore and all other Marketplaces

Numerous companies have already proven that marketplace strategies can be successful. Nevertheless, many retailers are still reluctant to transform into a platform. Ralf Richter, managing director at Plan.Net Performance, in his guest article for “etailment” now provides arguments to dispel the doubts.

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International expansion in 8 steps: A guide to cross-border sales

Internationalization projects are an important growth strategy. In his article in the blog “The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce”, Nick Pedersen reveals the right way to manage an expansion project.

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Why online merchants should expand to China

One of the most popular goals of such internationalization projects is certainly China. An article in the magazine “Internet World Business” explains how to conquer this huge market.

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SMEs are lagging behind in their own service demands

Omnichannel services are the epitome of a good customer experience for two out of three decision makers in small and medium-sized businesses. However, according to a study by Zendesk, not all companies are able to live up to this claim.

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