Overview of the news of CW 15/2019


Instagram Checkout – The risky seduction

Instagram’s current goal is to enable in-app shopping on its own platform. According to Olaf Kolbrück, this development could turn e-commerce upside down and make new strategies necessary.

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#Online Grocery

“The biggest challenge is efficient and sustainable logistics.”

The online grocery market is full of start-ups. One of them is Frischepost, which wants to convince its customers with regional food. The magazine “Internet World Business” spoke with co-founder Eva Neugebauer about the underlying business model.

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Rewe does not feel threatened by startups

The startup landscape in online grocery can also be seen in the eyes of industry giant Rewe. However, panic does not break out at Group headquarters. The online magazine “Gründerszene” summarizes Rewe’s current view of the market briefly and concisely.

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Online Grocery: The varieties, the types, the business models

Matthias Schu also provides an overview of current market developments. In his article, the trade expert dealt with the different business models of the current competitors.

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Reasons for and against Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are considered a trend in web page design. Do they also have a future in e-commerce? Ingrid Schutzmann has taken a closer look at the technology for “Internet World Business”.

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How do you sell steel online? Gisbert Rühl from Kloeckner

For some time now, the steel trader Kloeckner has been showing how it is possible to position oneself digitally in B2B retail. For his podcast “Kassenzone” Alexander Graf talked to Kloeckner CEO Gisbert Rühl about the background.

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Innovative platform models in B2B commerce

In his guest article for “Best of Commerce”, Gerrit Heinemann, head of the eWeb Research Center at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, deals with the possibilities of platform economics in B2B retail.

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B2B buyers: content, shopping experience and service more important than price

The study “B2B Buyer Experience Report” by Showpad also deals with the peculiarities of B2B retail. Accordingly, the customer experience and the content provided are, in addition to the service, the most important product-independent purchase criteria for B2B buyers.

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Internationalization in E-Commerce: New Sales Markets and New Challenges

In internationalization projects, companies have to face numerous challenges in order to be successful. Tobias Weidemann gives in his article for t3n a general overview of the different complexities.

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The Netherlands has 5 million cross-border shoppers

The Netherlands could be a worthwhile target for an internationalization project. In 2018, for example, five million Dutch customers bought from foreign online shops and spent 880 million euros on them.

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