Overview of the news of CW 17/2019


E-Commerce revenues for 1st quarter 2019 exceed expectations

E-Commerce is still on a clear growth course. This has now been confirmed by the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel (bevh) with current figures. Accordingly, e-commerce grew strongly between January and March by 11.2 percent compared to the first quarter of 2018.

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Crossover Exchanges #13: 5 years “death list” for retailers

In April 2014, “Wirtschaftswoche” published a list of 50 brick-and-mortar retailers that the magazine considered particularly vulnerable at the time. How have these companies performed over the past 5 years? Jochen Krisch pursues this question in his blog “Exciting Commerce”.

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“There are no channels in the minds of customers”

Problems with the conversion rate are not uncommon in e-commerce. But how can these difficulties be solved? Jan Wolter, European head of Applause, gives some tips in an interview with “etailment”.

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#Online Grocery

How a Dutch Start-up Attacks Supermarkets in North Rhine-Westphalia

Has Picnic won in the online grocery market? According to Frederic Knaudt, head of Picnic Germany, his company needs four to six months to be profitable in one location. “RP Online” took a closer look at the start-up from the Netherlands.

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Digital procurement in the construction industry with Jannes Viebrock (Inpera)

Procurement processes within the construction industry are often complex and inefficient. Inpera tries to digitise and optimise these processes. In an interview with “Warenausgang”, founder Jannes Viebrock explains the company’s approach.

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Amazon as a springboard: How online retailers sell to the USA

With 325 million inhabitants and a high purchasing power, the United States rank among the most popular markets for online retailers willing to expand. But how does the jump across the Atlantic succeed? Stephan Randler gives some hints in his blog post.

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„Perfect is too slow“ – How to successfully enter the Chinese market

In addition to the USA, China is also one of the most popular markets for many German retailers. In an interview with “Onlinehändler-News”, Elena Gatti of the consulting firm Azoya reveals how companies should proceed when expanding into China.

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WiFi in the shop is a must-have for every second customer

Brick-and-mortar retailers have to offer their customers digital services in order to remain competitive. This is the conclusion reached by the digital association Bitkom in a recent study. According to the survey, 49 percent of respondents would like to have WiFi in shops frequented by them.

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