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Sport Scheck: Overcoming internal resistance

Many large retail companies are currently faced with the task of integrating their originally parallel and often highly complex IT structures into a cross-channel environment. Klaus Manz reports in the blog of the EHI Retail Institute how Sport Scheck approached the challenge.


Omnichannel activities: What customers appreciate and retailers offer

Which Omnichannel offers really make sense? Customer and retailer opinions can be quite different in this question. This at least is shown by the Omnichannel Readiness Index of Statista and Wisag.



Why retailers should invest in their own online shop

Marketplaces are becoming increasingly dominant in German e-commerce. From Alexander Denninghaus’s point of view, however, retailers should continue to invest not only in Amazon and Co. but also in their own online shop.


How in-store retailers prepare themselves for e-commerce

In numerous German municipalities, local online marketplaces are currently emerging from the ground, which are intended to strengthen the in-store retail. “WiWo” editor Dominik Reintjes take a closer look at the initiatives.


Stripe study: What customers appreciate about online marketplaces

Four out of five German consumers used an online marketplace last year. The most important advantage of the platforms is the quick search for sought-after products (95 percent).



9 reasons: Why Switzerland is interesting for German retailers

There are many good reasons to expand business in Switzerland. Asendia, a subsidiary of Swiss Post, lists nine in this guest article.


In which sectors Digitec Galaxus identifies opportunities in Germany

But it’s also the other way around: With Digitec Galaxus, Switzerland’s largest online retailer is currently planning its market entry in Germany. According to Jochen Krisch, the company is following a trend: More and more international players are entering the German market and taking advantage of the gaps that German retail groups do not fill.



Global Commerce Review 2018: “App-First approach” makes sense

E-commerce is becoming increasingly mobile and the smartphone is the linchpin. According to a Criteo study, one way to profit from this trend could be the launch of an app.


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