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Exchanges #215: Who can get started now

The turn of the year is a good opportunity to look ahead. Accordingly, Jochen Krisch and Marcel Weiß dare to take a look ahead at the start of the new year and speculate in their podcast “Exchanges” where the greatest potential of online retail will lie in the coming years.

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Forecast: e-commerce share of retail sales will again increase significantly until 2024

The market research institute ibi research also dared to make a forecast for the next five years. Accordingly, the online share of retail sales will increase significantly in the coming years. Compared to the forecasts of previous years, however, a slower increase is expected.

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How to create a high-tech B2B customer experience

How can a convincing customer experience in B2B high-tech business be built up in 2019? Ursa Mihajlovic gives some valuable tips in the blog “The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce”.

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#Online Grocery

That’s why online grocery remains a tough business

Why is it so difficult for online grocery suppliers to establish their service in Germany? A study by the consulting firm Capgemini dealt with this question and worked out options for retailers.

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Food from the net – a look at the market

The “E-Commerce-Magazin” also deals with online grocery in an article. The result is a worth reading overview of some competitors and challenges in the German market.

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This is how Yummy asserts itself as a local player with $250m revenue

A look abroad often makes sense in order to discover exciting business models for online grocery. With Yummy, Jochen Krisch introduces a company in his blog that sees itself as a local player in Los Angeles. Would such local providers also have a chance in Germany?

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Digitized PoS: More than just a brick-and-mortar store

The integration of offline and online poses considerable challenges for many retailers. In her article for “Internet World”, editor Christiane Fröhlich takes a look at two positive examples.

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Expansion into China: Alternatives to Alibaba

Anyone who is looking to expand into China will quickly come across Alibaba and JD.com. But there are also many other opportunities to enter the Chinese market. “Internet World” author Daniela Zimmer presents some alternatives.

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Poland – The underestimated market

Although Poland is Germany’s eastern neighbour, it is usually not at the top of the list of priorities for internationalization projects. Is this a mistake? Franziska Patzer from InterCultural Elements takes a look at the Polish e-commerce landscape.

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PwC study: Differentiated acceptance of dynamic pricing

Many retailers are relying on dynamic price adjustments. But how do customers view this strategy? The consulting firm PwC has surveyed consumers and found out: It depends on the product category whether customers accept dynamic pricing.

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