Overview of the news of CW 14/2019


Loyalty points, discounts or service: How can customer loyalty be achieved in e-commerce?

How can new customers be turned into loyal regular customers? Stephan Randler, publisher of the online magazine “neuhandeln”, and online retailer Ralph Hesse are looking for an answer in the current “neuhandeln” podcast.

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Returns management in e-commerce

Returns management is probably one of the most important adjusting screws for working profitably in e-commerce. Marcus Woide of real.digital therefore gives some valuable tips for effective returns management in his guest article in the magazine “Onlinehändler-News”.

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For innovations you have to take risks too

The continuous optimization of your own digital channels is more than ever a central success factor in online retail. Good planning, in-depth testing and a “culture of experimentation” are the basic prerequisites for this, explains Henning Dittmer, Senior Director DACH at Optimizely, in an interview with “etailment”.

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Food industry 4.0 – Digitisation brings transparency for industry and consumers

Digitisation has the potential to transform not only the grocery trade but also the food industry. In a current study, the association Bitkom is investigating possible technological developments and their acceptance by the industry.

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Voice Search: When Alexa searches on Amazon

There is still little sign of a breakthrough in voice commerce. However, if digital language assistants such as Alexa and Siri also establish themselves in e-commerce, some rules of the game could change. Helmut van Rinsum dares a prognosis for “Internet World Business”.

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E-Commerce: Five strategies for market entry in Asia

Asia is known to be one of the major growth markets – also in e-commerce. It is therefore no surprise that German online retailers would also like to take the step to the Far East. For all those Christina Rose has some advices in stock in “Versandhausberater”.

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Effects of the Brexit for German online shops

After Theresa May failed with her Brexit deal for the third time in the British House of Commons, a hard Brexit becomes more and more probable. The effects of such a scenario on German online shops and the digital economy have now been analysed by the payment service provider Paymill and the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW).

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Customer loyalty with the payment method

German online customers are loyal – at least with regard to their preferred payment method. This is the conclusion reached by the ECC Köln in a recent study. According to this, almost three-quarters of respondents always use their favourite method when it is offered.

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