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Attack of the Microbrands

In his K5 talk, Dr. Martin Schulte focused on a global trend: the attack of numerous microbrands specializing in direct-to-consumer business (D2C) on the business of established consumer goods groups.

Commerce Weekly News: DevOps, Voice Commerce, Online Grocery competitors

Overview of the news of CW 13/2019 #Strategy DevOps 2.0: Five tips for process planning Although DevOps is known as a method for more agility and speed in the development processes, the practical implementation is often still at the beginning.


In my previous article I summarized the first day of the Internet World Expo. With this text I would like to look back on some selected lectures of the second day.

Commerce Weekly News: Cooking boxes, automated orders, Europe’s marketplaces

Overview of the news of CW 12/2019 #Strategy Retail study: two strategies lead to success How can retailers grow faster than the market in times of platform economy?


INTERNET WORLD EXPO 2019 Heinemann: "Europe is at risk of losing touch" Impressions from the TrendArena (Day 1) In 1997 Helmut Kohl entered the penultimate year of...

Commerce Weekly News: Europe’s procrastination, Ocado deal, Reviews

Overview of the news of CW 11/2019 #Strategy Europe threatens to miss the final game on Internet markets While Europe continues to be largely hesitant, the USA and Asia are making substantial investments in emerging digital companies.

Commerce Weekly News: CW 10/2019

Overview of the latest news #Strategy Returns in e-commerce: Yield problem or competitive advantage? Every online retailer needs a strategy on how to deal with returns. Should...

Commerce Weekly News: CW 09/2019

Overview of the latest news #Online Grocery Update on online grocery 2019 with Udo. What about Aldi & Co.? How will German online grocery develop in the...

E-Commerce Versandstudie: Lidl is named overall champion

Every retailer uses a great deal of energy to persuade customers to buy. However, even after the final purchase decision, a lot can still...

Commerce Weekly News: CW 08/2019

Overview of the latest news #Online Grocery Podcast #004 - The Online Grocery Check: What potential do online supermarkets really have? In the current Podcast of the...