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Commerce Weekly News: Conversational Commerce, PWAs, Omnichannel

Overview of the news of CW 31/2019 #Strategy How Momox could become the market leader by trading used books - Heiner Kroke
mgm technology partners annual onboarding event

5 Things I Learned About My Employer at Their Annual Onboarding Event

Fürstenfeld Event Hall lies 20 miles west of Munich, just off Germany’s longest highway, in the heart of pastoral Bavaria. It’s not really a...

Agilisation of a company with a long tradition: how Robert Bosch GmbH lives the...

Interview with Anke Dewitz-Grube, Director Lean Agile Consultant, Robert Bosch GmbH As a company with a long tradition, continuing to create innovations is an important...

JavaSPEKTRUM: Article on the holistic approach to security

News about successful attacks on applications and companies is no longer a rarity these days.

Commerce Weekly News: E-commerce Growth, Online Grocery in Europe, Shoptech

Overview of the news of CW 30/2019 #Strategy E-Commerce growth of 11.3 percent in the first half of 2019 - Germans increasingly use e-commerce for their daily needs

Switching to the electronic file: from paper to a digital ship register in only...

Interview with Florian Strunk, head of IT at Hamburg Court 4866 seagoing vessels, 2177 inland waterway vessels, 42 ships under construction, 420 new registrations per...

Merging of Business and IT: Interview with Bernd Rattey, CIO DB Fernverkehr AG

Interview with Bernd Rattey, CIO Deutsche Bahn, DB Fernverkehr AG Today, no operational process can do without IT. As a result, the role of IT...

Commerce Weekly News: Voice Commerce, Online Grocery Marketing, Platform Business

Overview of the news of CW 29/2019 #Strategy Young brands outperform retailers

Commerce Weekly News: Microbrands, B2B E-commerce, Gatekeeper Amazon

Overview of the news of CW 28/2019 #Strategy Microbrands: How small brands bother the big ones

Commerce Weekly News: NOAH19, Online Grocery Newcomer, PIM

Overview of the news of CW 27/2019 #Strategy The Top 10 Pitches for e-commerce from the #NOAH19